Today (17th June 2018), we are celebrating father’s day. The whole world celebrating fatherhood, parental bonds, a bond could be between a father and son or between a daughter and father. Today I am presenting Top 10 Heart-Touching Bollywood Movies Dedicated To Fathers, which is dedicated to our Papa.

“Happy Father’s Day Papa, Live Long”

10. Daddy

Daddy (1989) 135min | Drama | TV Movie Summary: Pooja has been brought up by her grandparents, and has no recollection of her mom and dad. She is told by her grandpa, Kantaprasad, that her dad had passed away. Years later, Pooja has now ... See full summary »
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi

9. Piku

Piku (2015) 123min | Comedy, Drama | 8 May 2015 (USA) Summary: A quirky comedy about the relationship between a daughter and her aging father, whose eccentricities drive everyone crazy.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi

8. Chachi 420

Chachi 420 (1997) 155min | Comedy, Drama, Family | 19 December 1997 (India) Summary: Desperation to be with his only child forces a divorced man to take the guise of the child's nanny. Situations get really messy when the child's grandfather (the man's ex-father-in-law) falls in love with his disguised ex-son-in-law.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi

7. Udaan

Udaan (2010) 134min | Drama | 16 July 2010 (India) Summary: Expelled from his school, a 16-year old boy returns home to his abusive and oppressive father.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi

6. Rishtey

Rishtey (2002) 164min | Action, Drama | 6 December 2002 (India) Summary: Suraj Singh (Anil Kapoor) is in love with the beautiful and wealthy Komal (Karisma Kapoor). They dream of their perfect family together but her arrogant father Yashpal Chaudhary (Amrish ... See full summary »
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi

5. Waqt (The Race Against Time)

The Race Against Time (2005) 153min | Comedy, Drama, Family | 22 April 2005 (India) Summary: Ishwar Chandra Thakur is living the good life, content with his loving wife Sumitra and son Adiya. There is but one thing which gradually comes to annoy Ishwar: his son's laziness and ... See full summary »
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi

4. Masoom

Masoom (1983) 165min | Drama | 22 October 1983 (India) Summary: A happy family goes through turbulent times because of a big mistake by one of the family members.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi

3. Dear Dad

Dear Dad (2016) 95min | Drama, Family | 6 May 2016 (India) Summary: Dear Dad is a bittersweet coming of age story; involving a father-son duo 14 year old Shivam, and his 45 year old dad Nitin Swaminathan. The father-son duo embarks on an impromptu road trip... See full summary »
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi

2. Paa

Father (2009) 133min | Comedy, Drama | 4 December 2009 (USA) Summary: A father tries to help his son cope with a rare condition that causes the young boy to age beyond his years.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi

1. Mai Aisa Hi Hoon

Main Aisa Hi Hoon (2005) 162min | Drama, Family, Musical | 6 May 2005 (India) Summary: An autistic man fights for her daughter's custody in court and in the process he teaches his cold-blooded lawyer the meaning of love and life.
Countries: IndiaLanguages: Hindi

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