This year was very promising for the Indian TV Series, many shows made their debut on the small screen but some of them got a lot of popularity. Today, in this list we will tell you about those top 10 Indian TV series which has just started in 2018.

10. Kasauti Zindagi Key

It is a remake of 2001’s TV series with the same name. It is premiered on Star Plus.
Prerna, a cheerful, cordial and caring girl who believes in the idea of true love and fate and Anurag a fair, supportive and caring person with a calm-headed leadership nature. Both are childhood friends and their fathers want them to marry each other but Anurag’s mother doesn’t like Prerna to be her daughter-in-law.
Will their love blossom in such situation? Or Will they never be together?

Release date: 25th Sep, 2018
Starring: Erica Fernandes as Prerna, Parth Samthaan as Anuraag Basu and Hina Khan as Komolika Chaubey

9. Kaleerein

Kaleerein is a Hindi romantic drama television series, which was premiered on Zee TV.
Meera, a free-spirited girl, doesn’t want to be well-groomed for her future husband, but her parents enrolled her into a bride grooming school. Vivaan is a rich, business tycoon and an NRI from London.
Eventually, both got married, but Will their marriage succeeded?

Release date: 5th Feb, 2018
Starring: Arjit Taneja as Vivaan Kapoor, and Aditi Sharma as Meera Dhingra

8. Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

The story revolves around Kulfi, who has a passion for singing since childhood, she got this talent from her parents.
Kulfi is trying to find her father after her mother’s death but she is facing a lot of problems due to her stepmother, who doesn’t want that she will reunite to her father.

Release date: 19 Mar, 2018
Starring: Aakriti Sharma as Kulfi, Mohit Malik as Sikandar Singh Gill, Anjali Anand as Lovely Sikandar Singh Gill, and Myra Singh as Amyra Singh Gill

7. Nazar

If you are interested in a thrill and black magic then this show is for you, despite regular saas-bahu drama.
A 200-year-old Daayan, Mohana who wants to get back to earth as she was frozen in stone for 18 years, she has two children, Ansh and Kajal. Ansh has some supernatural powers that’s why Mohana wants his powers to fulfill her evil intentions.
Ansh’s family knows the truth and concern about him, so they want him to marry a girl who has a birthmark of Goddess Durga on her shoulder. Piya has that birthmark but Mohana disguises them by sending her puppet daayan called ruby.
Will she be succeeded in her evil motive? To find out you must watch the show.

Release date: 30th Jul, 2018
Starring: Antara Biswas as Mohana Rathod, Niyati Fatnani as Piya Sharma, and Harsh Rajput as Ansh Rathod

6. Aapke Aa Jaane Se

It is a love story between a 42-year-old middle class, conservative single mother, Vedika and a 24-year-old irresponsible boy, Sahil, from a super-rich business family.
Sahil fell in love with Vedika but the society doesn’t accept such relationship and Vedika also disagreed. She placed someone else in her place at the wedding. But Sahil doesn’t accept that marriage. What happened next, to find out, watch the serial.

Release date: 15 Jan, 2018
Starring: Suhasi Dhami as Vedika,
Karan Jotwani as Sahil Agarwal, and
Priyanka Purohit as Bhumi Agarwal

5. Yeh Pyaar Nahi To Kya Hai

The show had been critically acclaimed for its crisp storyline and ensemble casts performance.
Anushka Reddy, daughter of businessman Krishna Kanth Reddy and Siddhant Sinha is a budding lawyer, son of lawyer Prabhakar Sinha were childhood friends but broke up due to misunderstandings.
Their fathers are good friends but things changed after the death of Siddhant’s father. He investigates his father’s death and finds out that KK murdered his father. He wants to take revenge from KK but also wants to keep Anushka out of this because he loves her.

Release date: 19 Mar, 2018
Starring: Namit Khanna as Siddhanth Sinha, and
Palak Jain as Anushka Sinha

4. Bepannah

Two individuals, Aditya and Zoya brought together by destiny because of their partner’s betrayal. Aditya and Zoya found their partners together, dead in a car accident and later they discover that the two were having an affair.
Aditya turns his grief into anger and Zoya goes into denial. She takes over the Yash’s (Zoya’s Husband) business and after learning that Pooja (Aditya’s Wife) had an investment in Yash’s company, Aditya declare himself Zoya’s partner in the business.
After some time, Zoya and Aditya received a divorce paper from their spouses that reach them late. They realized the truth and got more hurt. Zoya tried to suicide but Aditya saved her. That’s how their journey began by taking care of each other.

Release date: 19 Mar, 2018
Starring: Harshad Chopra as Aditya, and
Jennifer Winget as Zoya

3. Daastan-E-Mohabbat: Saleem Anarkali

We all have heard about the love of Prince Salim and Anarkali. The Show has been started on Colors TV.
Anarkali had an illicit relationship with the Crown Prince Salim and the Mughal Emperor Akbar had enclosed in a wall where she died.
To Witness this love story go and watch Dastan-e-Mohabbat.

Release date: 1st Oct, 2018
Starring: Shaheer Sheikh as Salim,
Sonarika Bhadoria as Anarkali, and
Shahbaaz Khan as Akbar

2. Radha Krishna

The Show starts in the Golok, when Krishna’s devotee Shridhama visits Golok to meet his revered Lord but he doesn’t like Radha with his lord. Krishna tries to make him understand about their love and explains to him that without Radha he is nothing but all in vain and he curses Radha that she forgets Krishna for 100 years and even annihilates her from Golok.
He realized his mistake after that but can’t revert back his curse. Krishna told him that to understand the true meaning of love, we will embody the earth.

Release date: 1st Oct, 2018 
Starring: Sumedh Mudgalkar as Krishna, and
Mallika Singh as Radha

1. Internet Wala Love

Nowadays, Love on the internet his revered among the youngsters. Maybe you can find this story as yours or your nearby.
Jai is a radio jockey and a complete extrovert, on the other hand, Aadhya works as a scriptwriter and also a radio jockey, but she is an introvert who doesn’t like socializing much.
Their destiny crosses their paths and now let’s see how Internet Wala Love blossoms.
The serial also shows us the advantages and disadvantages of socializing through technology.

Release date: 27th Aug, 2018
Starring: Shivin Narang as Jai Mittal, and
Tunisha Sharma as Aadhya Verma

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